Herbie Flowers


Saturday June 3rd – 6pm

Main Stage on The Stade Open Space

Herbie is without doubt, one of Britain’s most accomplished session musicians!

He has worked with Mark Bolan and T-Rex, David Bowie (Space Oddity etc), Lou Reed (Transformer), Nilsson (Schmilsson), Henry Mancini (Pink Panther), Elton John (Burn Down the Mission), David Essex (Rock On – incidentally, produced by Jeff Wayne), Sir Paul Mac (Give My Regards to Broad Street), George Harrison (Somewhere in England), Ringo (Come Smell the Roses), loads of Dusty’s recordings, and Clive Dunn (Grandad– which Herbie composed!! )

Truly, he is a legend – and although very modest, will tell you a few stories about his amazing career in music!